Marco Wollank

Marco Wollank

Internet Entrepreneur - TheGuy behind OneGuy.

About TheGuy

I’m a 33-year-old Internet Entrepreneur from Germany. I’m TheGuy behind OneGuy Limited. I decided to limit my company to OneGuy, me. At the same time I feel unlimited, fast and free. I don’t like to compromise, over analyzing and endless discussions.

I like fast decisions, progress and to create big things. I’m the worst organizer, but the best improviser.

I work with a highly efficient team of freelancers. I don’t want to partner up longterm, but I’m always looking for smart, creative and interesting free spirits to create and share passion.

The current mission: Explore the world and embrace new challanges.

If you love what you are doing, contact me. Get inspired, inspire me.

Unabhängige Testberichte.

"Ziel ist, Ihnen hochwertige Erfahrungsberichte zu bieten. Zu jedem Thema werden Auszeichnungen von Fachzeitschriften, Ratgeber Artikel und Videos geboten. Alles auf einen Blick!"

OneGuy Limited - Hong Kong Headquarters

Hong Kong Headquarters

OneGuy Limited
Rm 1104, Crawford House
70 Queen's Road Central
Hong Kong